Logan " The Log" Edmond

Logan, Loggy Hoagie. The Log, Edmond QB # 10 has been playing QB since the age of 5. Being from a QB family he has developed alot of knowledge to be in the fore front of kids his age and is an absolute "Lights Out" player with an incredible football IQ.  Logan trains with his brothers Ty and Travis and takes it all in. When most kids are runnng about the stadium on Friday nights, Logan is on the sideline watching his brothers play and asking alot of questions and letting us know what the defense is doing. Example: Dad they are in cover 2, we need to throw down the middle in the weak spot between the safety's, you know the weak box between the hash marks. Send two fly routes to pull the safetys and drop a back in the box!

Logan led his team to a historical season of 10-0, the first time ever in the history of his league. Watch Logans Edmond 85lb highlight Salisbury vs. Palmerton in which both teams were undefeated.  A defensive penalty occurred with no time left on the clock and they are down 7-6 with the ball on the 12 yard line. Logan finds his guy in the end zone to win the game. View highlight on video page a must see!     

"A Day With out Learning, Is a Day Without Living " Lou Holtz

" It's not where you play, it's how you play"