"What it Takes to be a Great Quarterback"

1. Gives more of his time than any other member of his team

2. Must be more polished and know more than any member of his team

3. Is looked upon as not only a leader of the offense, but a leader of his team.

4. Has many responsibilities both on and off the field

5. Sets good examples both on and off the field

6. Is fundamentally sound in all aspects of his position

7. Must have knowledge, self discipline , and concentration

8. Must be consistent

9. Must be organized

10. Must always think * team success, first and foremost

11. Must always be unselfish

12. Must put team success ahead of personal accomplishments

13. Gives credit to others who made his success possible( offensive linemen, defensive team for good field position, coaches for their time and preparation)

14. Hustles and leads at all times

15. Has a positive attitude regardless of the situation

16. Must have tremendous work habits

17. Has confidence and shows confidence

18. Performs when the going gets tough

19. Will lead rather than telling some what to do

20. Does not back down from crucial situations

21. Wants to make the play when the game is on the line

22. Uses time efficiently , especially in the huddle

23. Will always see who he is throwing to (eyes down field)

24. Must be tough and play with pain

25. Ball control, must hand the ball off with precision every play

26. Is always focused and careful when pitching the football

27. Will not fumble center/QB exchange

28. Knows when to throw the ball and when to take a sack

29. Always thinks ahead and takes calculated chances

30. Excels academically and always exhibits good citizenship

31. Is a role model for other players on his team to emulate

32. Moves his team down field and into the end zone

33. Has pride and a strong desire to win

34. Strives for perfection at all times

35. Is not indecisive

36. Always keeps his eyes up, on and off the field

37. Knows the situation at all times ( down, distance, score, time, ect...)

38. Is mentally prepared for practice every day

39. Knows his strengths and weaknesses

40. Does not put himself into  difficult situations

41. Never shows discouragement (hanging head, pointing the finger at someone else)

42. Concentrates to the point of "losing oneself" in the game

43. Will visualize key situations that can take place in a game before hand (3rd down situations)

44. Will strive to complete 90% of his passes

45. Will work constantly on fundamentals

46. Will work on passes that he will throw most often in a game and the passes required at the next level to the point where they are second nature

47. Will study his opponent's defense

48. Will always have one objective ***WIN***

49. Countless hours of training, commitment and detemination

50. Strong Character, Passion, Heart, Desire, Commitment, Leadership.

51. When you can be on the field and the game view slows down in your head, but your still going all out, which it is now second nature.

52. Poised and under control at all time on and off the field.